Set 1 - Thank You!
Set 1 - Thank You!
Set 1 - Thank You!
Set 1 - Thank You!

Set 1 - Thank You!

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Set 1 - Thank you! 

Delivery radius to London only (1 - 9 Zone)

Deliveries in Hitchin, Hertfordshire can also be an option, please get in touch before placing an order.

Dispatched in 2 business days

  • Handcrafted by Sandra white Belgium chocolate in original pink 
  • An arrangement of real flowers (two colours) 
  • Fine silver stud earrings hand-crocheted by Aelita 
  • Beautifully presented branded box 
  • Safely delivered to your door by one of us 

Below is some important information we kindly invite you to read  

  • Flo & Cho try their best to personalize your experience and want to ensure a smooth delivery hence each order will be delivered to your doorstep by either Sandra or Aelita – Flo & Cho is currently offering free delivery to their clients.  
  • Please be aware that all Flo & Cho chocolates may contain traces of gluten, nuts, peanuts, and milk.  
  • Flo & Cho offers a vegan-friendly option to suit vegan clients. The vegan-friendly option is a dark chocolate bar with wild berries.   
  • Flo & Cho provides a full written ingredient list with allergen advice with every set. Rest assured all Flo & Cho chocolate bars are made, packaged, and handled in a safe clean kitchen.  
  • Fresh flowers may stay fresh in an open box for up to 7 days.  
  • Chocolate has a much longer shelf life of up to over 6 months, considering they are stored in a dry cool area and without any direct sunlight.  
  • All jewellery comes in branded aelita jewellery boxes (recyclable).  
  • The outer box is made out of cardboard and is also recyclable. The size of the box is 7.8’ x 7.8’ x 4’.  
  • All ear fittings and chains are made out of sterling silver while hand-crocheted elements are made using fine silver.  
  • Chocolate bars weight approximately 150 grams and the box as a whole weight between 1 – 1,5 kg.  
  • Flo & Cho does not allow clients to return or exchange any jewellery items once it has been delivered to recipients unless it was damaged in transit. In such a case, a further arrangement may be made however it must be communicated to Flo & Cho within 24 hours after receiving delivery.