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Our Specials

Why order from us?


Flower composition and a Belgium chocolate bar for a price of average high-street florist bouquet.

Long shelf life

Chocolate stays fresh for several months – keep it for a cheat day!

Delivery perks

We personally deliver all our gift boxes around London within your preferred time slot. And it's ABSOLUTELY FREE!


We make all the chocolate products right before sending it to you.

Make it bespoke

We personalize any chocolate bar free of charge.

About us


Hi I'm Sandra and I am a pastry chef and chocolate artist behind Chocolatier & Florist. 5 years of experience in hospitality industry taught me that attention to detail and perfectionism are important, but loving what you do is always a key.

This project means a lot to me as a way to express my creativity and share beautiful and delicious things with our customers and their loved ones. I find inspiration in music, art and photography, it helps me to create elegant and stylish products using chocolate - in my opinion, the best ingredient in the world.


Hi, I'm Ezio and I have an agricultural background as I come from the farmer's family. I value quality and freshness in everything we create at Chocolatier & Florist, so I make sure we get seasonal flowers directly from local suppliers.

I get inspired by nature and architecture, so this project for me is a chance to make our customers happy by combining art, design and quality in luxury flower compositions.


What types of chocolate can I order?

All our products are presented in "Original" coloured white chocolate, however, if you'd like to order any other type of chocolate just choose a different option in the order form. 
We can make any chocolate product in Dark, Milk, White or Caramel chocolate. Contact us for special orders :)

Are there any gluten-free, allergen-free or vegan options?

Unfortunately, we CAN NOT guarantee that any of our products are completely free of allergens as all chocolates are freshly prepared in our small kitchen that handle allergens. Every item comes with printed allergen list. Alternatively, you can download full ingredient list following the link :

How long it takes for my box to arrive?

Delivery takes 2 days after you place your order. You can also order your gift box in advance and choose a day and time slot when you'd like it to be delivered, Please note that due to fragile nature of our gift boxes we only deliver in London.

How long flowers can stay in a box? What is the chocolate's expiry term?

Fresh flowers can stay in an open box up to 5-7 days, chocolates last over 6 months.

How much the chocolate weighs and what is a total weight of the box?

Chocolate bars weigh around 150 grams and the whole box weighs around 1 or 1.5 kg.